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The Flight of Daedalus & Icarus

no one outshines the sun

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18th century, 19th century, 3 doors down, 300, adrian pucey, adrian/herimione, alice cooper, ancient greece, ancient rome, angels, angeology, aristocracy, assassin's creed, assassin's creed: brotherhood, assassins creed 2, beyblade, blaise/hannah, blaise/hermione, celtic mythology, chatting, coding, david copperfield, deathstars, demonolgy, demons, depeche mode, drabbles, drabbling, draco/ginny, emilie autumn, emma, english history, european history, ezio/caterina, ezio/cristina, ezio/rosa, fairies, fairytales, fanfic, fred weasley, fred/hannah, fred/hermione, fred/luna, french revolution, gemma doyle trilogy, george weasley, george/hannah, george/hermione, george/luna, georgian era, greek mythology, greek religion, gryffindor, hannah abbott, harry potter, historical roleplays, history, hufflepuff, hulders, industrial revolution, ironsides, james potter, james/lily, jane austen, legends, life, lighthouse, lily evans, linkin park, luna lovegood, marauders, marcus/katie, metallica, mortal instruments, mountain trolls, necromancers, necromancy, nickleback, nightwish, nine inch nails, nobility, norse mythology, norwegian history, oliver twist, peter pettigrew, placebo, planning, plotting, poison, pride and prejudice, ravenclaw, regulus black, religion, remus lupin, roleplay, roleplaying, scorpions, second industrial revolution, shapeshifters, shinedown, sin city, sirius black, skid row, slytherin, social history, sonata arctica, susan bones, taylor swift, terrence higgs, terrence/hermione, the crow, the matrix, the renaissance, the summoning, theodore/ginny, theodore/hermione, tithe, trolls, underworld, v for vendetta, valiant, vampires, victorian era, walking, werewolves, wicked lovely, witches, writing